UCam 247i Plug & Play WiFi IP CCTV Camera Review

UCam 247i Plug & Play WiFi IP CCTV Camera Review

The UCam 247i WiFi IP CCTV Camera

Whether its for monitoring the home whilst away at work or on holiday, or if you’ve got a little one you just want to make sure is okay without walking upstairs the UCam 247i WiFi IP CCTV camera could be the one for you.

When the prospect of an WiFi IP CCTV Camera came up for review we were a little hesitant, purely because we have experience with WiFi products and sometimes they can be more hassle to set up than what they are worth. Lets take the B&W AirPlay speaker, even just getting that on your home WiFi network is not as easy as it should be. But, the reason we are bringing this review to you today is because this is unlike any WiFi device we have used before; setting it up is almost effortless – but more on that later.

The UCam 247i is effectively a wireless CCTV camera that once connected to your home network can be plugged in to mains anywhere in your home, and monitored remotely from a smartphone. Alongside the UCam there is a free App download of the P2PCam264 which is available on both iOS and Android – and this allows you to view the CCTV camera from wherever you are, you are not restricted to viewing it just on your home WiFi network.

Alongside its WiFi functionality, the UCam 247i features a whole host of additional features including infra-red night vision, micro-SD card slot, motion detection and even email alerts.

Read on for our full review, and check out our picture gallery below.

Using the UCam 247i

The UCam 247i camera is constructed from a glossy white plastic which houses the camera itself alongside its WiFi and Ethernet networking capabilities, and it comes bundled with a metal stand with pivoting capabilities which can be screwed directly onto a wall or similar surface for permanent fixing.

The camera is lightweight, with the stand itself making up most of the weight, but the two simple screw holes are more than enough to fix this camera securely in place. Inside the box along with the camera and stand is an Ethernet cable, and power cable – it’s worth pointing out at this stage that the power cable has quite a long lead on it which is around 2 metres meaning that its a great length if you wanted to place the camera in the corner of a room.

On the outside of the camera there is a little red LED which shines when the camera is turned on at the mains.


Setting up the UCam is an absolute breeze, and this is definitely something we appreciated considering we are the type of people who don’t like reading instruction manuals. To set it up you simply have to plug the Ethernet cable into the back of the camera, then plug the camera into power and download the P2PCam264 app on your iOS or Android device.

The camera latches onto the network with no fuss, and once the app has loaded on your smartphone you simply open it up and it will scan your home network for compatible cameras.

Thats it! It really is that easy. There are a couple more steps involved to put the camera onto the network wirelessly. You have to follow the same procedure, but inside the app is an “advanced settings” option, and this allows you to join the home network via WiFi which then allows you to unplug that hindering Ethernet cable.


It would be impossible for us to review the UCam 247i without briefly talking about the App which interacts with the camera(s). P2PCam264 is a free download from the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. iOS users note that the app has not yet been optimised for iPhone 5, but that places it in the same boat as many other iOS apps at this time.

The app itself is very straight forward, you can view multiple cameras that are connected to your home network, as well as take a snapshot of what the camera currently sees, as well as listen in! Thats right – you can listen in. The UCam 247i has a built in microphone, meaning with the simple tap of a button you can listen to whats happening in your house directly on your smartphone, and you could even be at the other side of the world.

Once the camera is all set up, the app will allow you to connect the camera via WiFi, and if you decide to access the camera from a computer you get a whole host of advanced features including motion detection alerts. It’s a shame these can’t be set up via the mobile app, but there is definitely some future potential here.

The app is simple to use, and provides details such as resolution, and frame rate per second. It works on both WiFi and 3G, and provides great functionality with both the viewing, snapshot and listen in functionality.

Video Quality

The camera streams video at VGA resolution (640×480) although the app does offer different levels of quality ranging from min, to max – it’s worth noting that something like this could use up a lot of bandwidth on your home network if you have relatively slow broadband, so its great that there are multiple options here to reduce the load on the network.

The built in infra-red night vision supports a range of up to 10 metres, and produces impressive results. [see Gallery].

With a retail price of £129.98 from EyeSpy247 this little WiFi CCTV camera packs a punch. Whether it’s to be used as a baby monitor or as a CCTV camera system in the home we can definitely see a future where your whole house is fitted out with the UCam247i cameras allowing futuristic surveillance directly from the comfort of your own smartphone.


The Good
The Bad
Easy no hassle setup iOS app is not optimised for iPhone 5
Included stand with pivot ability Events have to set via browser
Long power cable
Infra Red Night Vision
Motion Detection


The UCam 247i Plug and Play WiFi IP CCTV camera has a great unobtrusive design, and allows detailed monitoring of your home directly from your own smartphone.

The setup process could not be easier, and setting the camera up from an Android or iOS device really does feel like the future – long gone are the days of doing it via a web browser on a computer.

The infra-red night mode is great and produces impressive yet detailed results, and in day time the video quality is just as good with bright viewable colours and a level of detail perfect for surveillance, pet watch or baby watch.

The mobile app is more than sufficient, but we would definitely like to see the addition of setting motion detected events this way. The UCam 247i is the future of home surveillance, with super easy setup, and the ability to monitor the home from wherever on the comfort of your own smartphone.

Check out the UCam 247i at EyeSpy247.


UCam 247i Plug & Play WiFi IP CCTV Camera
UCam 247i Plug & Play WiFi IP CCTV Camera
Date Published: 11/19/2012
The UCam 247i is incredibly easy to set up and produces impressive results both at night and during the day. It has motion detection and a supporting app for monitoring, listening and capturing those all important moments. Read our review to find out why we believe this is the most user friendly IP camera on the market.

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  1. Where can I purchase one of these and when will it be compatible withy I phone 5??? Also why is there no purchases or reviews in the App Store? Thanks and I hope to hear from u soon

  2. I’ve had a couple of the HD ucams for a few weeks now and they do the job. Work great on my Samsung Note. I had a nightmare with my old Foscam ip cams but these ucams were a doddle to set up.


  3. As well as monitoring via a smartphone or tablet can I also monitor via a web browser on a pc or mac?

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